Suprafusion apparatus

J. R. Simon jsimon at
Mon Apr 24 13:04:22 EST 1995

wisey at (WiseY) wrote:
> "MJ Duggan" <sgex400 at> writes on 18 Apr 1995 11:58:45 asks:
> does anybody out there do suprafusion of cells in culture or 
> tissue preps to study the release of neurotransmitters etc.?
> ----
> Most of the superfusion studies were carried out more than a decade ago,
> Some examples of microdialysis studies include:

Unfortunately, the good doctor did not answer your question.  The answer
is "yes", there are lots of investigators doing superfusion to study
transmitter release, especially in tissue slices.  The use of in vivo
microdialysis is greatly overrated (IMHO), except under certain 
experimental conditions, when it is, indeed, useful.

If you need references or would like additional information on super-
fusion systems, let me know.

JR Simon

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