Syringomyelia information

Ben Inglis binglis at
Mon Apr 24 16:37:53 EST 1995

In article nar at, wisey at (WiseY) writes:
>There is some controversy both about the name and the cause of traumatic
>syrinxes versus classic syringomyelia which is believed to be related to
>enlargements of central canal or other cerebrospinal fluid carrying
>structures.  Traumatic injury produces cysts at the injury site that may
>or may not communicate with the central canal.  These cysts may be
>different from those that are classically associated with syringomyelia. 
>To my knowledge, there has yet to be convincing evidence that shunting of
>a post-traumatic cyst has lasting beneficial effects.  I would greatly
>appreciate hearing from anybody who believes or has evidence otherwise.  
>Wise Young, M.D., Ph.D.
>NYU Medical Center, New York, NY  

Does the tissue return to fill the cavity post-shunt?  If so, does
it have a near-normal anatomy?  Lastly, is there, then, a fundamental difference
in SM shunt outcome and hydrocephalus shunt outcome, at least anatomically?


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