Traumatic Brain Injury-Participants Wanted

Kate Taylor taylor.555 at
Mon Apr 24 13:15:31 EST 1995


Children and adolescents who have sustained a Traumatic Brian Injury have
an opportunity to participate in a research project designed to obtain
information regarding spoken and written communication skills.  The
specific purpose is to examine the use of grammatical devices that are
helpful in creating spoken and written stories; skills that are important
to academic success.  The participants will be paid $15.00 for
time/transportation and awarded a toy prize.  The procedure is simple,
lasts approximately one hour and requires the participant to tell and write
stories.  It is a pleasant experience.

We will be including participants who meet the following criteria:

* sustained a closed head injury
* currently age 9 to 15 years
* mild/moderate to severe injury
* one or more years since injury
* typical academic progress prior to injury

Dr. Jessica R. Harris is the research project director.  The project is
sponsored by an OSU Seed Grant (#83BO171) and the Speech and Hearing Dept.
If you are interested in hearing more about the project, please contact
Kate Taylor, research assistant, or Dr. Harris at (614)292-8207.  Thank

About The Investigator

Dr. Harris is currently an assistant professor at The Ohio State University
in the Speech and Hearing Science Dept.  Her teaching responsibilities
include a course on Traumatic Brain Injury, Motor Speech Disorders,
Swallowing Disorders, and a few others.  She is interested in impaired
language, memory and executive function (e.g., planning, setting goals,
etc.) in children and adolescents who have sustained traumatic brain
injury.  Dr. Harris is a certified speech-language pathologist.

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