Intermittant Short Term Memory Loss

Ian A. Paul, Ph.D. iapaul at
Tue Apr 25 09:22:45 EST 1995

It sounds a lot like a series of transient (brief) ischemic attacks.
That is, brief periods of diminished cerebral blood flow.  From the
description, this restriction may be highly localized to structures
involved in short-term memory (e.g. hippocampus).  You mention that 
the memory loss commonly follows naps.  Although it seems unlikely, it
may be possible that a problem similar to orthostatic hypotension is
involved (i.e. a transient drop in blood pressure and flow in the brain
upon rising from a prone position).  If you neurologist hasn't
run a cerebrovascular flow study, I would recommend it.  I would also
recommend that you get a second neurological opinion.  If all else 
fails, you might want to contact either the National Institute of 
Neurological Diseases and Stroke in Bethesda or the Neurology
Department at Washington University in St. Louis.  Both have an
excellent reputation in this area.

Good Luck,

Ian A. Paul, Ph.D.

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