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>I have a question about dna and memory. I am not a doctor so my knowledge
>is exceptionally limited.  I have asked several individuals if they have
>ever heard of  research being done in this area and no one has thus far. 
>I would appreciate it if somebody out there knows if there is any research
>being done in this area and if there is documentation.  I have an armchair
>theory that I wish to try to do some research to prove or disporve my
>theory, and maybe get an article or paper out of it.  Please repond either
>here or email me "BIERME2 at".  Thank you for any information.....

In what sense you are interested in memory and DNA ? If you are interested 
in genes regulated by neuronal activity, there are around 500-1000 of them 
and a lot of work done on them. You could see not very update review by 
Armstrong and Montminy "Transsynaptic control of gene expression" in Annual 
Rev. Neurosci. Vol. 16, 1993 pp. 17-30.

If you keep in mind that memories "are written" to DNA, then this idea 
according to ruling paradigma, which I support, is rubbish. But there are 
some Italian works proving DNA synthesis in brain in connection with memory. 
Do not remember now exact references. However, these works are not very 
convincing, inclusion of dNTPs could be result of apoptosis, probably sth. 

With best regards,

Mati Reeben

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