low resistance grounding bridges in patch clamp

christopher del negro chrisdn at physci.lifesci.ucla.edu
Wed Apr 26 11:56:16 EST 1995

has anyone had trouble eliminating noise (line frequency) from patch
clamp rigs attributable to faulty grounding with an agar bridge electrode?
i have had line frequency problems for about 2 months and have tried many
forms of grounding and only one was successful in eliminating line freq. 
noise: a simple Ag/AgCl pellet (low res.) in the chamber. it seemed all 
agar bridges were too high resistance and allowed noise to enter the set-
up. i have recently constructed large diameter bridges which are a bit
unwieldy in a small chamber such as mine but which apparently have low  
enough resistance to sufficiently ground the preparation and worked well 
for two experiments so far. has anyone else had such a problem?

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