Ear Development

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du (Andrew K. Groves) writes:
>I would be very grateful if anyone could recommend texts or monographs
>that describe ear development in birds or mammals. Our lab works with a
>number of genes expressed in the central and peripheral nervous system
>that are also expressed in either the 8th cranial nerve and/or the ear
>itself, and I would be interested to learn more of their role in ear
>Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!
>Andy Groves
>Division of Biology, 216-76
>California Institute of Technology
I vaguely remember reading either in Science or Nature (1995) that blockage of
gene sites for retinoic acid effected the development of skin.  If your
timing is perfert you may get the same results for the 8th cranial
nerve.  Ron Blue x011 at lehigh.edu

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