Suprafusion apparatus

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>does anybody out there do suprafusion of cells in culture or 
>tissue preps to study the release of neurotransmitters etc.?

[ Stuff about _in vivo_ experiments snipped]

Having missed the original post (I think our newsfeed has problems) I don't 
know if there was more to the message. However,  I think M J Duggan is 
interested in _in vitro_ studies of neurotransmitter release (eg. supra fusion 
of slices of brain, heart or other tissues]. Our lab has extensive experience 
in this area). We use a home made superfusion apparatus for 
this purpose, which is adapted from one originally set up to study cultured 
sympathetic nerves. There are also commercially available devices for such 
studies. We study the release of noradrenaline, dopamine and acetylcholine. 
These techniques can also be modified to study excitatory amino acids.  

MJ Duggan, due to my newsfeed droping your original message I don't know what 
you wish to find out. If you would post or mail you original query, possibly 
with some more detail on the tissue you are using/would like to use I 
would be glad to help.

Cheers! Ian
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