Artificial Neural Nets

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> > >I think the flow is from natural NN's to artificial NN's but never back.
> > >This means that the artificial neuronal networks are modeled after there
> > >natural counterpart but not for giving feedback on the research done there.
> > >Same with genetic algorithms.
> > >
> > >Otto
> This is an interesting claim. A colleague and I were discussing just last week that  
> we could not think of a single example (outside of visual perception) where studies  
> of real neuronal networks have lead to a better understanding of a specific aspect  
> of human cognitive behavior. 
> Can anybody give me examples where neurophysiology studies produced better (or even  
> different) theories of cognition? (I will not accept general claims of modularity,  
> distributed coding, and the like, I am looking for something specific.)
What about the cognitive map theory of hippocampal function following the discovery of place-coded cells in the hippocampus?

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