Adam Le Halberstadt sunrise at brahms.udel.edu
Thu Apr 27 00:15:33 EST 1995

I am currently planning on conducting an experiment that will use 
tungsten-in-glass microelectrodes to record extracellularly from turtle 
retinal ganglion cells.  I have the following questions: 1)If you have 
experience manufacturing these electrodes, how hard/expensive was it to 
make them? 2)How long can I expect to hold the cells, and how hard is it 
to find them?  Using intracellular micropipetes, we can keep the cells 
for 2-15 minutes, but I need them for at least 30-45 min.  3)How much 
amplification should I use?  I have been told that 100x creates too much 
noise, and that I should use 10x.   Any help is appreciated. 
	Adam Halberstadt
	Sunrise at brahms.udel.edu

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