Memory and DNA

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>I have a question about dna and memory. I am not a doctor so my knowledge
>is exceptionally limited.  I have asked several individuals if they have
>ever heard of  research being done in this area and no one has thus far. 
>I would appreciate it if somebody out there knows if there is any research
>being done in this area and if there is documentation.  I have an armchair
>theory that I wish to try to do some research to prove or disporve my
>theory, and maybe get an article or paper out of it.  Please repond either
>here or email me "BIERME2 at".  Thank you for any information.....

Eric Kandel's laboratory inhibited spatial learning in mice with a tyrosine
kinase mutation (or several, i think).  There is also another report (also
mouse, i believe) where gene knockouts had the same effect - but i can't recall
the author at this time.

If this is what you are looking for, I would be happy to look up the references
for you.

Colleen Specht

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