6-OHDA & DSP-4

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> In article <798225072snz at longley.demon.co.uk>, David at longley.demon.co.uk wrote:
> > Is anyone out there still doing any work with these neurotoxins with an aim
> > to understanding the role which CNS monoamines play in behaviour? Are there
> > any new catecholamine neurotoxins? Has anyone come up with a selective 
> > Dopaminergic neurotoxin (like DSP-4 is for NA of Locaus Coeruleus origin)?
> Sure I have done lots of this kind of stuff.

I'd be interested to know what behavioural effects you have observed. I worked
as an MRC PhD student at the National Institute got Medical Research in London
between 1979  and  1983. I used 6-OHDA  and DSP-4. The results  I did get were
pretty unimpressive (yet the HPLC assays sugested very good lesions. Are there
any *new* ideas about what the monoamines are doing - apart from *everything*!

David Longley

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