Intl Society for Women in Cog Neurosci

Romy V Spitz rspitz at
Thu Apr 27 23:11:55 EST 1995

Interested in enhancing career opportunities for women?
This may be the group for you! 

The International Society for Women in Neuroscience is inviting
all interested persons to join their network.  Members are free to 
use the email network to post announcements or to open discussions 
about any issues of interest to ISWCN or cognitive neuroscientists.  
To broadcast a message to the net, send it to
ISWCN at (A message to this address goes to everyone on
the ISWCN network.)

The following is an introduction to the goals of ISWCN.


Thank you for your interest in the International Society for Women 
in Cognitive Neuroscience.  ISWCN is an information network with 
the specific goal of  enhancing opportunities for women.  The 
primary goal of  ISWCN is to provide a positive vehicle for 
overcoming some of  the obstacles women face in forming 
successful careers in  cognitive neuroscience.  The objective of 
ISWCN is to facilitate  the transmission of information about 
opportunities and to  facilitate communication among colleagues.  
Our most  important functions are our newsletter, e-mail network,  
directory of members, and dissertation travel award.  ISWCN  
membership includes researchers at all levels in their careers  who 
are interested in advancing opportunities for women in  this field.  

While ISWCN is dedicated to helping women develop their  
careers, this dedication does not entail excluding men from  
ISWCN.  We believe that ensuring that women have the same  
opportunities that men have is a goal and a responsiblity that  men 
share with women.  We remain dedicated to finding  positive and 
inclusive solutions.

You may join ISWCN by sending membership dues ($10 regular, $5 
student; check payable to ISWCN) to:

c/o Peggy J. Jennings
Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Bldg. E10-001
Cambridge, MA  02139

We also maintain a directory of our members, so please include 
with the following information as you would like it to appear in the 

1.	Name
2.	Mailing address
3.	Phone
4.	e_mail address
5.	Please list the areas of research in which you are interested. 
	(One or two sentences.)
6.	If you like, briefly summarize your present work. (2-3 sentences.)

I hope you find ISWCN a valuable resource, and I look forward to 
meeting you in the future.

My best,
Peg Jennings

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