DAB chemistry as a chromagen

J. A. Kiernan jkiernan at julian.uwo.ca
Fri Apr 28 13:55:16 EST 1995

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>From: saidel at crab.rutgers.edu (William Saidel)
>Subject: DAB chemistry as a chromagen
>Date: 27 Apr 1995 18:05:55 -0400
>Keywords: DAB, chromagen, reactions

>Can someone point me to a source (book, article, musing) that explains
>the chemistry of DAB as a chromagen in HRP, ICC peroxidase, histochemical
>reactions, etc.? Even the chemists at my school cannot.

   Try Chapter 16 in "Histological and Histochemical Methods" 2nd ed.
   by J. A. Kiernan; Oxford - Pergamon Press (1990).  Also volume 3 of
   the 3rd ed. of A.G.E. Pearse's "Histochemistry" (Churchill-Livingstone).
   The 2nd ed. of Pearse (Vol 2) is also OK.
                                                J. A. K. 28/4/1995

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