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Subject: interview you?
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 1995 00:14:58 GMT
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I am a student at Otterbein College in Ohio (this is my wife's account).  I 
need to interview a few people for a paper I will write soon.  I will either 
focus on affective, anxiety or psychotic disorders depending on who I 
interview and what their experience is.
  If you have some practical experience with any of the above and would not 
mind either a phone, chat mode or even a newsgroup interview, PLEASE e-mail me 
at martin.611 at  Maybe we could get a few people to do this over the 
weekend or early next week on a newsgroup so that others could partcipate and 
give input.  That might be interesting for everybody as well as being 
invaluable to my paper.  I will check these newsgroups tonight if you would 
prefer to reply this way.  Thanks.

                                                                  Chris Martin

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