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LARS THOMSEN lars.thomsen at dkb.dk
Sun Apr 30 04:41:00 EST 1995

Carp wrote:
JC>I would like to hear from anyone with experience with a
JC>microelectrode drive based on a high speed piezoelectric device
JC>mounted on a motorized 3D manipulator.  The same device appears to be
JC>sold by different vendors (e.g., WPI has the MPM-10 Piezo Translator,
JC>and FST has the PM-10-1 one axis piezo-translator with motorized
JC>micromanipulator).  Thanks in advance for any advice you might have.

Hej Jonathan

Both WPI and FST makes very good micromanipulators I have tried the WPI 
model but I wouldn't hesitate to buy the MPM-10 from FST. However the 
minimum stepsize for the FST is 0.5 micrometer, which for my purpose is 
rather crude.

I use a manually waterhydralic Narashigi MW-3. It took a while to 
develop the "right way" to penetrate my neurones, but now everything is 
working and with the waterhydralic you get a very stable electrode that 
you can keep for hours in a cell.

One disadvantage of the manual micromanipulator is that you never know 
exactly how deep you are in the tissue. If you are working with e.g. 
wholemount of epithelia and you penetrate the cells without visual 
control then it would be nice to know how deep you are in the tissue.

I am working with wholemounts of enteric neurones and I have mounted a 
video on my microscope so I do not need sit and stare into the 
microscope all the time. If you are going to work with penetrations 
under visual control I would advice you to buy a waterdriven Narashigi 
or similar.

PLEASE NOTICE that the manual micromanipulator really is no good if you 
try to penetrate single cells in culture, where the cells are not firmly 
attached to the bottom of the dish. In that case I would buy a Piezo and 
live with the 0.5 micrometer stepsize.

Best Regards
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