piezo translator/microele

Loren A. Evey lae2 at psu.edu
Sun Apr 30 12:13:36 EST 1995

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> Carp wrote:
> JC>I would like to hear from anyone with experience with a
> JC>microelectrode drive based on a high speed piezoelectric device
> JC>mounted on a motorized 3D manipulator.  The same device appears to be
> JC>sold by different vendors (e.g., WPI has the MPM-10 Piezo Translator,
> JC>and FST has the PM-10-1 one axis piezo-translator with motorized
> JC>micromanipulator).  Thanks in advance for any advice you might have.
> Hej Jonathan
> Both WPI and FST makes very good micromanipulators I have tried the WPI 
> model but I wouldn't hesitate to buy the MPM-10 from FST. However the 
> minimum stepsize for the FST is 0.5 micrometer, which for my purpose is 
> rather crude.
Another consideration when using these devices for electrophysiological work is 
electrical noise.  The movement is driven by electrical pulses rather than 
hydraulics.  Perhaps the noise issue is system dependent, but we have one 
of these drives shelved because of it's contribution to artifact.  Loren

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