piezo translator/microele

Jerry M. Wright jmwright at helix.nih.gov
Sun Apr 30 13:33:10 EST 1995

The issues of driver noise and stepper increment are important when
considering units for purchase.  We have been using Burleigh systems for 3
years now and have had no problems with electrical noise when they are
properly set up.  Also, the stepper increment is 0.1 micron.  They are rock
solid when mounted on a plate attached to the microscope.  Most cases of
drift have been due to factors such as old head stage gaskets or screws not
properly tightend down.  My experience with hydraulic units has been that
they start drifting after about 2 years due to valve leaks.  For
outside-out patches this is OK as long as it is stable enough to get the
initial seal and pull off the patch.  Not acceptable for on cell or whole
cell recording.  I understand the Narashigi piezoelectric units are also
good quality but I haven't looked closely at specs.  
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