Rat GFAP sequence

Christopher G Winter cgw1 at columbia.edu
Sun Apr 30 05:23:34 EST 1995

On Thu, 27 Apr 1995, Mary P. Remington wrote:

> I need the rat GFAP sequence.  I also need primers for RT PCR.  Are they 
> commercially available?  Does anyone have a reference for the use of rat 
> GFAP primers?  Thanks, Mary

I have the sequence of the rat GFAP cDNA. I'll send it to you just as 
soon as I get into the lab and locate it. Also, Dr. Ron Liem in the Pathology
Dept. at Columbia may be able to give 
you information regarding RT-PCR primers for this gene; he's the one who 
originally gave me the sequence. I'll see if I can find his e-mail address
for you.

Christopher Winter
Grad. student
Dept. of Biochemistry
Columbia Univ.

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