Intermittant Short Term Memory Loss

Bill Meade sbmeade at
Sat Apr 29 09:53:09 EST 1995

Thanks for your time and concern in posting on my Beth's memory loss.    
I'll briefly answer your questions (via the back channel) send the other   
questions/answer I've received in case you are interested and they help.   
>Has the neurologist discussed transient ischemic attacks (this is not a 
>typical presentation but worth asking about).   
I don't know.  I will ask and post an answer later.  Beth is compiling a   
list of every attack (they seem to be severe vs. minor and take place   
while sleeping vs. awake) and her symptoms at the time, from her diaries.   
>Is your wife takilng any 
>medications (eg a tranquilizer once in  while, etc), does she drink 
>alcohol, use any "recreational drugs"?  
Only birth control pills.  No tranquilizers around, she's been on the   
wagon (never drinks alcohol) all her life, no rec.drugs ever in the   
>Anyone else who is biologically related to her with same symptoms? 
Not that we know of. 
The one question I have is whether my job stress could be causing this?   

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