Intermittant Short Term Memory Loss TIMELINE

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Sun Apr 30 23:16:40 EST 1995

Hello all, 
Thanks again for all the suggestions and possibilities.  They  
certainly have enlarged our concept of seizure/memory loss.   
The latest back channel hypothesis (anonomized) is that Aspartame 
might be a cause.   
*Symptoms Timeline* 
In putting together the following Beth and I uncovered a   
misunderstanding which might provide additional data.  What started 13   
years ago was not "intermittant short term memory loss" but rather,   
episodes where Beth lost control of her thinking.  Because it is so hard   
to describe she despairs of trying to communicate "what it is like."  We   
came to call it "wierding out" when it was the only thing going on.  It   
was the reason that the first CAT scan and EEG were run.  The first time   
it happened Beth was in her first undergraduate statistics exam and   
images and thoughts started flashing through her mind uncontrollably.    
She had enough control to get up and tell the teacher that she felt ill   
and drive home (1/2 hour on back country roads).  She aced the course so   
unlike many of us, I don't think it was the stats that were making her   
ill. ;-) 
Why am I telling you all this.  Well, ... while the memory loss episodes   
are relatively well documented the "wierding out" episodes (which are   
more frequent and less severe) are not documented at all.  Beth does not   
tell me when she has these episodes now.  I've houded her so hard to go   
to the doctor about this that I've eroded my role as listener to nothing   
on the less severe episodes.   
Dumb things that might matter: 
  (a) Beth gives up chocolate for lent (usually in April, right?) 
  (b) Beth gives up Nutrasweet while breast feeding.  None of the 
      attacks came while she was breast feeding. 
So, having said this, here's the timeline: 
     Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  Jun  Jul  Aug  Sep  Oct  Nov  Dec 
1990                                               1                                      
1993  2    3         4 
1994            5 
1995                 6 
#1 Oct. 7, 1990  
First time.  Lots of nausea.  Started while taking a nap.  Possible   
pressures were working too many hours (30) plus piano tuning classes, and   
auditions for symphonies. 
#2 Jan. 24, 1993 
Second time.  Nausea.  Started while taking a nap.  Possible pressures   
were having bunion surgery, 7 month-old baby sick for past 2 weeks,   
company over the previous night.   
#3 Feb. 5, 1993 Mild attach.  No nausea.  No new pressures.  Did not   
start while taking a nap. 
#4 Apr. 7, 1993 Mild attach, lots of nausea. Did not start while taking a   
nap.  Pressures: thinking of buying first house, helping put on an   
anniverary party for some friends.   
#5 Mar. 7, 1994, Severe attack.  No nausea.  Started while taking nap.    
No pressures except 3 cranky kids (boys!). 
#6 Apr. 1, 1995, Severe attack.  No nausea.  Started while taking nap.    
Pressures: husband looking for new job.   
Again, a million thanks to everyone! 
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