Aspartame (actual facts!)

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Dear Chris:  I have to answer this because this is not the facts.  I 
think medline needs some because tests that were flawed.  As to what this 
does to humans and the affects just place a call to the Aspartame 
Consumer Safety Network and they will be glad to tell you.  Their 
database is over-running with thousands and thousands of complaints on 
neurological symptoms and diseases triggered by aspartame from chronic 
fatigue syndrome to blindness.  They also maintain autopsy reports on the 
ones who died from it.  A lot of people did not even know to associate the
problems with aspartame until we started distributing a warning flyer 
with symptoms (98 documented) and diseases triggered by aspartame.  Those 
taking the "no aspartame test" have returned to normal health when 
eliminating this identifying the culprit - that is if they were warned in 

Read my post listed in this newsgroup under Coca Cola - health and 
attitude, answering Dana.  You will see some of the case histories.  So 
many of these original tests were "flawed" that U.S. Attorney Sam Skinner 
was asked to indite Searle!  Find on Medline tests done that were not 
financed by the NutraSweet Co./Searle!

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On 2 Aug 1995, Chris McMahon wrote:

> OK, I checked Medline, 104 articles dealing with aspartame and the brain. 
> Here's the deal: in ordinary human subjects, no adverse reactions to 
> aspartame were documented. However, aspartame does affect levels of 
> certain amino acids, particularly phenalynine.
>      In people with abnormal levels of amino acids and/or hormones
> (epinephrine was mentioned) aspartame *could* cause neurological effects. 
> Particularly mentioned were headaches and behavioral disorders. No 
> specific instances were noted, but much circumstantial evidence was 
> cited. Again, this is not true for the GENERAL population.
>      Diet Coke still gives me a headache. Of course, I ingest a lot of 
> caffeine, and I smoke cigarettes, so my hormonal balance is pretty much 
> shot anyway. 
>     Please don't send me any more email, I don't care that much. 
> Thanks,
>     -Chris
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