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In article <408vnc$mop at newshost.lanl.gov>, Jim Devenport <jdevenport at lanl.gov> writes:
|> At LAST.... some rational non-hysterical comments.  We all
|> agree on Methanol toxicity above some level, but if 
|> Nutrasweet caused even a small sample of the problems 
|> Martini et al rant and rave about I'd be dead by now!  
|> Every sweetness substitute seems to have to be attacked.  
|> Saccharine is so far as I know the only alternative and it 
|> tastes like raw battery acid to me.  I drink diet Pepsi by 
|> the 6-pack almost daily and have ever since Nutrasweet hit 
|> the market.  If it produced any definable methanol in my 
|> body I'd be blind and dead by now.
|> I would feel safer not consuming ANY commercial food 
|> product and recently had been considering ice water with 
|> lemon slice for flavor (I seem to have an oral fixation, 
|> gotta chew on or drink something much of the time, 
|> especially while driving) but shucks, the methanol in the 
|> LEMON is worse than nasty ole nutrasweet....
|> You can rant and rave all you want but my personal 
|> background scoffs at these horror stories!  I've never 
|> heard of anyone I know having ANY problem they didn't have 
|> BEFORE consuming nutrasweet.  I DO know people who are 
|> irrationally afraid of Nutrasweet because of all the uproar 
|> being tossed about in the health food community.
|> How about an unofficial poll?  How many have been 
|> nutrasweet pigs like myself with no known ill effects?
|> How many think you've proved Nutrasweet has caused problems 
|> for you?
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I have been on a very intense Nutrasweet Diet as you have for several years as
you have. I actually gave it up for about a month and noticed that all the
symptoms I wasn't experiencing on aspartame I still did not experience. 
The first couple of days after giving it up I did suffer horrible headaches
that would stop minutes after I had a cup of coffee. I have not had any aspartame
in the past 20 or so hours and interestingly enough I have not had a single 
seizure in that time. 


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