Used EEG anyone ? Cheap new ones ? Do-it-Yourself ?

hjc hjc at
Tue Aug 1 17:11:48 EST 1995

I highly recommend the following EEG unit which we use in research in
my neurocognition lab.  We have the 24 channel version with uptake and
analysis programs -- $14,900.  Our psychology department has
four additional Neurosearch-24 units -- undergraduates quickly learn how
to use the equipment, so it is very user friendly.  The Lexicor company
is very responsive.  Units range from 2 ($995) to 24 ($14,900) channels.
They occasionally have used units (full factory warranty) that are half 
the list price.
They also provide an excellent Biolex system that permits neural therapy 
biofeedback.  This can be used in the treatment of attention-deficit 
disorders, etc.

	Lexicor Medical Techology, Inc.
	5589 Arapahoe Road  Suite 206         
	Boulder, CO 80303-8116

	(303) 443-9944    Ask for John Gilbert or Mathew Johnsen 

Helen Crawford, Ph.D.
Psychology Department
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg VA 24061     

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