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Tue Aug 1 02:26:31 EST 1995

Hi there,

My name is Rob Ameerun (phd-student) and I attend to go to the
35th meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology. It will
be held from 9-13 december in Washington DC. I'm interested to
know if there are any labs in Washington wo would be interested
in a presentation of my work. I'm working on neuronal
differentiation. As a modelsystem I use P19 EC cells stably
transfected with protein tyrosine phosphatase alpha. I'm looking
for effects of growth factors on neuronal differentiation. I also
study signalling pathways of growth factors in (un)differentiated
cells to look for any differences. 
Any reactions from Washington DC are welkom, please E-mail to
roba at hubrecht.nl

Yours sincerely,

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