URGENT: NutraSweet(tm) Destroys Usenet!!!!

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Dear JFA:  The quote about the one piece of chewing gum being able to 
trigger attacks comes from the United States Air Force.  We quote this 
paragraph on our warning flyer from their journal FLYING SAFETY, May 1992.
I refer people to the Worldwide Pilot Hotline (214 352-4268) because they 
have all the information on the seizures pilots are having from 
NutraSweet, and have all the articles, studies and reports.  However, 
some aviation magazines that contain warnings about NutraSweet causing 
seizures are:

June 15, 1988:  The Aviation Consumer - SafeGuard
                Letters to the Editor:  Aug 1, Sept 1, 1988
October 1988    Aviation Medical Bulletin - Pilots and Aspartame
November 1988   Pacific Flyer - This Could Save Your Life
                Letters to the Editor:  March 1989
April 1989      CAA General Aviation Safety Information Leaflet - Great 
Spring 1989     Aviation Safety Digest (Australian CAA publication)  
                Aspartame Not for the Dieting Pilot? Roger Marchani, Editor
July 31, 1989   General Aviation News - NutraSweet, too good to be true?
                Megan Hicks
                Letters to the Editor: Aug 28, Sept 11, 1989
January 1990    Plane & Pilot - High on High, Getting High, Ron
March 1990      Canadian General Aviation News - Fit to fly
1992            Navy Physiology
May 1992        Flying Safety (U. S. Air Force) - Aspartame Alert by Col. Roy
                Poole, Editor
June 1993       NBAA (National Business Aircraft Association)
                Digest, Bitter Aftertaste by C. Dennis Wright
February 1995   ICAS (International Council of Air Shows),
                Aspartame Side Effects:  Fact or Fiction?
March 1995      Pacific Flyer, ICAS Issues Warning to Its Members About Diet

It should be noted that MISSION POSSIBLE flys packets of information on 
Aspartame and Seizures, and vision disturbances (the methanol converts to 
formaldehyde in the retina) around the world to Air Traffic Controls.

Suggested reading:  

Graves, F. "Results of Common Cause Magazine Investigation of FDA's 
Approval of Aspartame", Common Cause, July 1984.

Centers for Disease Control, Division of Nutrition, Center for Health 
Promotion and Education "Evaluation of Consumer Complaints Related to 
Aspartame Use." (November 1984)  Be sure you read the report - over 100 
pages, from seizures to death.  Don't accept the summary which 
contradicts the body of evidence in the report.  You're dealing with 

Department of Health and Human Services, Health and Injury Related 
Surveillance Subprogram Postmarketing Surveillance System - "Quartery 
Report on Adverse Reactions Associated with Aspartame Ingestion."  
Submitted to Health Hazards Evaluation Board (January 2, 1987)

Eshel, Y: Sarova-Pinhas, I. "Aspartame and Seizures" Neurology 43: 2154 

Gaffney, C. Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, "Aspartame in Aviation." 
Paper presented at the 57th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Aerospace 
Medical Associatio (April 1986)

Maher, T. J., Wurtman, R. J. "Possible Neurologic Effects of Aspartame, a 
Widely Used Food Additive." Environmental Health Perspectives 75:53-57 (l987)

Walton, R. G. "Seizure and Mania After High Intake of Aspartame," 
Psychosomatics (March 1986)

Hiroyuki Ishii, "Incidence of Brain Tumors in Rats Fed Aspartame"  Life 
Science Laboratories, Central Research Laboratories, Ajinomoto Co., Inc. 
Yokohama Japan Unpublished ad Undated.

Mary Nash Stoddard & George Leighton: "Aspartame and Flying ..The Untold 
Story, May/June 1994  Natural Food & Farming

Roberts, H. J. M.D.  MORE ON ASPARTAME AND SEIZURES (Unpublished letter 
to Neurology concerning epileptic seizures provoked by aspartame products)
Townsend Letter for Doctors, May 1994

of Advancement in Medicine, Volume 4, Number 4 Winter 1991.  (peer reviewed)

Barbara Alexander Mullarkey, Aspartame, A Diet Delusion, (% Nutrivoice, 
P. O. Box 946, Oak Park, Illinois 60303)

Mary Nash Stoddard, The Deadly Deception (1 800 -969-6050)

Roberts, H. J. M.D.  ASPARTAME, IS IT SAFE? (Charles Press)
Roberts, H. J., M.D. Sweet'ner Dearest  (1 800-814-9800)

Blaylock, Russell, M.D. EXCITOTOXINS; THE TASTE THAT KILLS, Health Press
1 800 -643-2665

Dr. Harry Waisman studied the effects of aspartame on primates.  Seven 
infant monkeys were fed the chemical in milk.  One died after 300 days, 5 
others had Grand Mal seizures.  Searle deleted these findings when they 
submitted his study to the FDA.  Ever since aspartame's approval people 
have been having seizures just like the monkeys.  Over 600 pilots have 
called the Worldwide Pilot Hotline, many because they have had grand mal 
seizures in the cockpits of commercial airliners.

Dr. Kessler of the FDA says that only 1% of serious problems are reported 
to the FDA.  Their report of April 20, 1995 on aspartame complaints 
(Health Hazard Evaluation Board) listed 10,000 complaints from blindness 
to death. Almost 500 seizures were reported.  Even though this is in the 
public domain they refused to release this report until I filed with 
Freedom of Information.  Their answer to all these complaints!  They said 
in Food Chemical News, June 12, 1995 they will no longer compile complaints!
There were 735 complaints of dizziness and poor equilibrium plus 230 
complaints of other neurological problems.  There were 255 cases of 
memory loss.  

According to Dr. H. J. Roberts in his book: DAAD; DEFENSE AGAINST 
ALZHEIMERS DISEASE (1 800-814-9800) these single amino acids in aspartame 
without the other amino acids in protein (aspartic acid and phenylalaine 
- both neurotoxic) go past the blood brain barrier and deteriorate the 
neurons of the brain.  He says it is accelerating Alzheimers, and give a 
seminar on this subject this past Saturday in Atlanta.  

In March, 1995, Dr. Roberts and I attended the Conference of the American 
College of Physicians at the World Congress Center in Atlanta, and 5000 
physicians from all over the country and the world were there.  In 
Neurology Workshop, one neurosurgeon said: "Will somebody please tell us 
where all these seizures are coming from?"  I answered" "The 
phenylalanine in aspartame lowers the seizure threshold in the brain."
Another doctor also a pilot said: "I have a friend who is a pilot who 
flies a commercial airliner and continues to drink diet soda and have 
grand mal seizures - I have been thinking of reporting him!"

On February 27 and February 28 an NBC affiliate in Miami, Chanel 4, 
exposed the FDA approval process of aspartame (Sweet Sickness) and Gwenne 
Allen (657 Hummingbird Lane, Delray Beach, Florida 33445) told her horror 
story of 8 years of petit mal seizures until she read Dr. Roberts book 
and abstained.  She said one case was probably a grand mal seizure.  
Since she has abstained from products with NutraSweet she no longer has 
seizures.  Her full case history is listed with our auto-responder and I 
will be happy to email instructions for anyone who wants to read it and 
other testimonies, the history of aspartame, and other information 
including info on pilots.

In a local newspaper here in Atlanta, ALTERNATIVES, April 1, 1994, Sharon 
A Gunby wrote: "My three year old daughter had a seizure while drinking 
soda sweetened with NutraSweet."

Also in this paper wrote Richard Wilson: "Aspartame killed my wife.  No 
words cana express the agony and horror sweet Joyce endured.  This poison 
destroyed her brain, ravaged all her rogans and blinded her.  She died at 
age 46 in 1991.  .... I'm a man without a wife because the NutraSweet 
Company is a business without a conscience."

Mary Nash Stoddard of the Worldwide Pilot Hotline issued a press release 
Hartford: In Hartford for the annual meeting of the US Marine Corps 
Combat Corresondents, Mary Nash Stoddard, founded of the Aspartame 
Consumer Safety Network, will be sharing findings of her network 
regarding pilots and aspartame ingestion.  

"Stoddard will be available inHartford, 9/8 thru 12th to answer questions 
and support allegations regarding this important issue and how it is 
aversely affecting 3 out of 5 who use it .. just just pilots. .. Some 
pilots are having grand mal seizures in the cockpits of commercial 
airline flights, and others are crashing the flight simulator at training 
facilities while in seizure.  Dozens have lost their flying status 
because of reactions.  Seizures, loss of vision, vertigo, suicidal 
depressions, heart problems, etc. are routinely reported.  Reactions in 
many consumers are reported to cause bizarre psychological symptoms as 
well.  The product is 10% methanol  (wod alcohol) by weight and breaks 
down further in heat and in the body into :  Formaldehyde, formic acid 
and a brain tumor agent, diketopiperizine."

I am glad to read in your post: "I guarantee no confidentiality!"  Thank 
you! Spread the word and help us save lives!  Welcome to Mission Possible!

           Betty Martini      Operation Mission Possible

Betty Martini
Domain:  betty at pd.org
UUCP:  ...!emory!pd.org!betty

On Mon, 31 Jul 1995, Jean-Francois Avon wrote:

> >Continental pilots tell me Haynes is an out-standing pilot.  There was 
> >just no one to warn him of the dangers and he didn't know that NutraSweet 
> >is a seizure triggering drug, and produced grand mal seizues in lab animals.
> >Today there is a Worldwide Pilot Hotline for just that reason - to warn 
> >pilots.  Their number is 214 352-4268.  
> >Betty Martini
> >Domain:  betty at pd.org
> >UUCP:  ...!emory!pd.org!betty
> Dear Betty, would you please post substantial pharmacological and stastical  
> data on the subject. I am very interested in hearing about it.  I would like 
> about the odds of having seizure induced by the stuff in relation to the 
> dosage.  I would also like to know how "they" (whoever they are) figured out 
> that one single piece of chewing-gum type of dosage could trigger attacks in 
> ordinary people.
> By putting this information on the net, you would reach much more pilots for 
> *much less* money than by the use of an 1-800 line.
> Eager to hear form you.
> PS :  all information concerning *THIS SUBJECT*  that I might receive at my 
> private e-mail adress can be, at my discretion and without asked permission of 
> the author, posted to all the newsgroups I judge appropriate.  If you do not 
> want any information on that subject go public, DO NOT E_MAIL IT TO ME.  
> THE "keep confidential" NOTICES WILL BE *** IGNORED***.
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