URGENT: NutraSweet(tm) Destroys Usenet!!!!

Peter Hood Peter at brentano.demon.co.uk
Tue Aug 1 12:57:47 EST 1995

It was once said that there could only be one neurotransmitter.  Later, 
when the old guard retreated, it was said that only one 
neurotransmitter could operate in a single neurone.  It was once said 
that sapient creatures from earth could not, ever, land on the moon.  
It was once said that urban pollution (particularly hydrocarbon 
by-products) does not cause any form of chronic obstructive airways 
disease.  It was once denied that tobacco smoking is harmful to your 
health.  It was once believed that radioactive matter was not dangerous.
Tricky Dicky denied Watergate.  The British Government denies the arms 
to Iran scandal.  The US Government denied the Contra arms scandal.  
Mendel was treated badly, and was unable to prove his theories, which 
many years later were found to be 'correct'.

Many chemicals have been passed as safe, and then withdrawn - take for 
example the use of pain killers during pregnancy, and the later severe 
neurological effects that newly born children presented with.

I am not saying that Betty is correct in what she says, but do 
please read the articles she points to.


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