URGENT: NutraSweet(tm) Destroys Usenet!!!!

Jean-Francois Avon jf_avon at citenet.net
Tue Aug 1 23:26:46 EST 1995

To: Bill Hopkins
	postings like yours should be CENSORED from the net!  I laughed so 
much that my tears almost shorted my keyboard!!!  :)

and Jody K Hirsh:
	Thanks for the *very* interesting reply!

The do-gooder's "community" be damned!

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ng passing border crossing the line skipping jumping death to capitalism USA Canada UK England France AK-47 russian Kalashnikov machineguns guns ammo ammunition stinger APEX SHILK AIM-9 mig-29 covert operation tanker supply contact trusted man complete confidence night vision Bagdad Hebron Israel Mossad Bassora North Korea Beijing Serbia Sarajevo Bosnia traffic undercover South America

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