Trigeminal Neuralgia

Steve Wells ab64 at GINAS.GNET.GOV.UK
Wed Aug 2 03:29:08 EST 1995

I give below a personal message from Mr Peter Hills, Department of Health.
I will forward any reply to him.

"My father-in-law has suffered from TN for 25 years, although constant pain 
suggests (to me but not to the medics) atypical facial neuralgia. Despite 
four bouts of surgery (to freeze nerve) he has rarely been free from pain, 
although recently has found relief thanks to an aromatherapist. He applies 
camomile oil daily from back of neck following the trigeminal nerve. Also 
uses xylocaine, recommended by a homeopath, direct on gum on occasional 
basis. Both seem to really help in easing pain.

Any evidence of TN being hereditary?

There is a help group in UK at c/o Mrs A Conn, 27 St Kenya Avenue, HOVE East 
Sussex BN3 4PN."

I look forward to your reply.
Name: Steve Wells
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Date: 03/28/95
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