URGENT: NutraSweet(tm) Destroys Usenet!!!!

Thomas K. Dibenedetto tdib at umich.edu
Tue Aug 1 20:36:57 EST 1995

John M. Vogel (jvogel at crl.com) wrote:
: Chris McMahon (libcm at curly.cc.emory.edu) wrote:

: :    Some humans experience neurological problems with reasonably small 
: : doses of aspartame. I personally get a headache if I drink a lot of diet 
: : Coke. It passed FDA muster because side effects are not widespread and 
: : not *usually* severe. 

: And excessive caffeine will usually cause headaches; can't attribute that 
: to aspartame.

and hitting yourself on the head with a hammer will also cause headaches,
not attributable to aspartame....what does that prove john?

Tom diBenedetto

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