URGENT: NutraSweet(tm) Destroys Usenet!!!!

AL BELL allbell at lys.vnet.net
Tue Aug 1 23:36:36 EST 1995


I used to drink a lot of caffein-free Diet Coke and still drink a lot of 
regular and decaf coffee.

I discovered that I felt weak and began slurring my words after drinking 
more than a can or two of Diet Coke, so I stopped drinking it. Drinking 
too much coffee affects me in entirely different ways.

One possibility is that old aspartame breaks down into some not-so-great 
substance. My recollection is that aspartame that's heated for too long 
at too high a temperature has an effect similar to that of alcohol.

Another possibility is some people's bodies react badly when they are 
tricked into consuming a low-calorie substance that seems high-calorie.

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