Used EEG anyone ? Cheap new ones ? Do-it-Yourself ?

Joachim Loeblein ud1b at
Tue Aug 1 19:11:55 EST 1995

hjc at (hjc) writes:

>I highly recommend the following EEG unit which we use in research in
>my neurocognition lab.  We have the 24 channel version with uptake and
>analysis programs -- $14,900.  Our psychology department has

Well, I thought it to be more in the range of the offer by CCI for
a 4 channel basic EEG set for PC's + Software for around 250 $.
Available at:
#4 Park Street
CT 06066

203 872 2204 Voice
203 875 2751 Fax

I'm on a tight budget. I'm waiting for some money to arrive, then I'll order
should I post results ?

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