URGENT: NutraSweet(tm) Destroys Usenet!!!!

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>> My guess is that  your headaches were the result of consuming excess 
>> CAFFEINE in the diet Coke, and/or hypoglycemic from not eating enough.
>If you really want something to make noise about you should look at the
>data regarding how caffeine can affect blood pressure in low doses in some
>individuals and can induce seizures in extremely high doses.  These are
>just some of the effects of caffeine.  Can anyone make some reasonable
>conclusions why a drug this dangerous is so easily obtainable?  I thought
>so.  One reason - these side effects usually only show up in people who
>drop a whole box (or more) of caffeine pills all at once. 

as i recall from an early pharmacology class...the primary PHARMACOLOGICAL 
action of caffeine us to increase the ability of muscles to do work (i.e., 
lift bigger,better,more).  if one considers that coffee breaks, and coke 
breaks, were started during the industrial age on the assembly line....it 
makes perfect sense to give the workers a *rest*, only to have them come back 
stronger and work longer......not to mention more alert..
<any interpretation of sarcasm in the previous post is probably intentional>

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