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On Thu, 3 Aug 1995 11:21:46 -0400, Betty Martini <betty at noel.pd.org> wrote:

      snip, snip, snip

<..................................... You may have seen one post that says they no 
<longer can get Diet Orange (Coke).  I haven't checked that out as yet but 
<I would see the reasoning in it since in something  with acid they would 
<have to use much more aspartame, and "they" may be getting many more 

PLEASE, check it out - go out in the field and try and find ORANGE COKE,
regular or diet, with or without NutraSweet(tm) - the search will take time
and give us some welcome relief from verbose proclamations of your personal
vendetta against  Monsanto and its product NutraSweet(tm)

<The last complaint I got on yogurt was from a lady in Cordelene, Idaho who
<said she had a severe reaction.  .  Most people don't even complain to 
<the FDA, and some don't associate their complaints with aspartame. 

Pray tell where do we go to lodge compaints about your endless posting of
this drivel?

Snip, Snip, Snipped!

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