Aspartame (actual facts!)

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Thu Aug 3 00:17:10 EST 1995

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Betty Martini (betty at wrote:
: Dear Chris:  I have to answer this because this is not the facts.  I 
: think medline needs some because tests that were flawed.  As to what this 

: Read my post listed in this newsgroup under Coca Cola - health and 
: attitude, answering Dana.  You will see some of the case histories.  So 
: many of these original tests were "flawed" that U.S. Attorney Sam Skinner 
: was asked to indite Searle!  Find on Medline tests done that were not 
: financed by the NutraSweet Co./Searle!

: Betty Martini

Are you suggesting that medline is also involved in your conspiracy

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