Ron Natalie ron at topaz.sensor.com
Thu Aug 3 12:15:08 EST 1995

Betty Martini (betty at noel.pd.org) wrote:
: > Methanol is a solvent, not 'narcotic'...where are the chemists' in the
: > group:>?

: The original story is my post at the beginning of 
: URGENT;NutraSweet:METHANOL/TRUTH which if not on your screen I will be 
: happy to forward. I mentioned that menthanol is a narcotic.  John Vogel 
: made this comment that it wasn't.  I then came back and gave the reference
: which is:

: Louis, R.J.  Sax's Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials, Eighth 
: Edition, New York, Van Nostrand Reinhold (1992) pp.2251-2252.

: Also, I've posted so many notes on this in the past but aspartame is a 
: drug, and I've given original data on that before.  After John's remark, 
: and even though Sax is a well accepted reference, I checked some more 
: sources about methanol just because its so bad.  Here's some interesting 
: data:

Methanol is toxic, as your references say, but not a single one does
anything to change the fact that it is not a narcotic.  Your original
statement that it was a narcotic is just another attribute that your
understanding of science is shoddy and your postings are specifically
designed to be reactionary and misleading.


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