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Thu Aug 3 10:21:46 EST 1995

Dear Chilton:  In answer to your question about yogurt and aspartame, we
are getting complaints on it - especially this TCBY you get in airports.
However, I noted from some posts that people saying they are taking 
aspartame out of some yogurts.  I believe they are starting to withdraw 
it in several things.  You may have seen one post that says they no 
longer can get Diet Orange (Coke).  I haven't checked that out as yet but 
I would see the reasoning in it since in something  with acid they would 
have to use much more aspartame, and "they" may be getting many more 

The last complaint I got on yogurt was from a lady in Cordelene, Idaho who
said she had a severe reaction.  .  Most people don't even complain to 
the FDA, and some don't associate their complaints with aspartame.  Yet, 
on the April, l995 complaint file on aspartame they listed 136 complaints 
on the frozen confections.  They say only about 1% complain.  The 
majority of the complaints coming in are on diet soft drinks where they 
list 3021 complaints. And many people have told me the FDA turn their 
complaints away.  Many people have told me, for instance, they have been 
told they are not taking complaints on headaches.  However, they list 1847.
In the June Food Chemical News the FDA says they are no longer going to 
compile complaints on NutraSweet.  The April, l995 report listed 10,000 
complaints!  I guess if you're not going to do anything about them why 

Betty Martini
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