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From: Kirk Kryger <xaman at linuxtj.tij.cetys.mx>
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Subject: Spinal Cord Injury Information Request (Ricardo Ramos)


Ricardo Ramos requested some information on SCI back in Dec. 1995.  I have
some information if you could forward it to him.

Everyone is asking the question =93Is there a cure for Paralysis?=94  The
problem is there are more
than one cause of paralysis, so there is not a definitive answer for all
injuries.  There is a cure for
some SCIs.  Dr. Fernando Ramirez del Rio, has quietly been working miracles
in Tijuana Mexico
for a number of years.  He has had tremendous success in regenerating spina=
cords using
Embryonic Cell Transplant Therapy.

Welcome to the future!!!  Embryonic Cell Transplant Therapy is no longer a
dream but a reality.
Embryonic Cell Transplant Therapy was pioneered by Dr. Paul Niehans in
Switzerland.  Dr.
Wolfram K=FChnau, friend and disciple of Dr. Niehans, continued his work in
Embryonic Cell
Transplant Therapy.

Today, Dr. Fernando Ramirez del Rio with Dr. K=FChnau continue to pioneer
Embryonic Cell
Therapy.  Dr. Ramirez is the Medical Director of the International Head &
Spinal Injury Center
which specializes in Spinal Regeneration.

To determine if some one is a candidate for the Embryonic Cell Transplant
Therapy, they must be
screened by out staff of Doctors.  The purpose of the screening is to find
out if the spinal cord
injury will be suitable for reconstruction.

Not every one that has a spinal injury is a candidate for our therapies.
The type of injury plays a
major role in what can be done with Embryonic Cell Transplant Therapy.  Onl=
after a thorough
physical and medical examination, which includes a review of the original
injury, treatment
rendered to the patient since the injury, review of X-Rays, CAT Scans, MRIs
before and after the
surgery can it be deter-mined if some one is a candidate for Embryonic Cell
Transplant Therapy.

Once a person is qualified for Embryonic Cell Transplant Therapy we can the=
proceed.  Dr.
Carlos Romero and Dr. Enrique Sanchez perform microsurgery on the spinal
column, remodeling
the spinal canal, and for removal of scarring tissue, bone and/or disc
materials without further
damage of the spinal cord.  The surgeons then implant into the Duramater
cultured Embryonic
Cells from a Shark and the Nerve Growth Factors.  This allows the spinal
cord to regenerate at
the rate of one millimeter or more per day.  The patient then returns over
the next year for medical
and physical therapies.  The purpose of the follow up visits is to implant
more Embryonic Cells
and Nerve Growth Factors percutaneously.  This is an outpatient procedure
that assist in the
quality and speed of recovery of the spinal cord.  The live cells we use ar=
from shark embryos.
We do not use human fetal tissue.

To date we have performed the procedures on eight people.  The first six
patients where all
paraplegics and the other two are quads.  The first two patients that we
performed the procedure
on are now walking.  The others are progressing towards that goal.  We are
very confident that for
a large number of Spinal Cord Injuries we can help them.

If you are interested in receiving more information we need to get your
street address or a phone
number so we can contact you.  If you want you can call our 24 hour
information line at 619-492-
8782.  You can leave your name and message at the end of the recording.

Kirk Kryger


            Ricardo Ramos
            Brazil             =20

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