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> Hello my name is Shelley Tacker and I am extremely interested in the field
> of neuroscience. I will be graduating in May of this year with a degree in
> Biology and Psychology.  I would like to continue my education and
> eventually receive a PhD.  I am extremely interested in research in the
> field of neuroscience and behavior. I am interested to find out which
> universities are working on research in this field.  If you can help me I
> would greatly appreciate it.  I am also interested to find out what type 
> of jobs I can get in this field with the education which I have already 
> obtained.  If you have any information for me I would love to receive it.
> Thank you,

The name of the University is meaningful in conversation, and as a rule of
thumb more prominent universities are likelier to have more prominent
programs - but these don't mean much overall.

You want to ask two things: 

1) Who is doing the same kind of problems that I want to get involved with?

2) Of the answers to the first question - and hopefully, that's a
plurality - which of them can support you both financially and through

The advisor can make or break a grad school experience.  Check the
journals, and see who is doing work that's up your alley.  Write these
people, introducing yourself.  

After grad school?  The job market in research is getting tighter, I
think.  NIH is taking some serious hits.  Stay flexible and keep
networking and you would be able to find something you'll like.

Mitch Maltenfort

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