freeman at freeman at
Thu Aug 3 05:43:32 EST 1995

My Mom has progressive Alzheimers. I am trying to keep her out of a 
nursing home as long as possible. She was in a home where they drugged 
her with Haldol and tied her in a wheelchair even though she didn't need 
either. I couldn't stand to see the way the SOB's in the nursing home 
were treating her so I brought her back home to try and help her.
She is now taking COGNEX and Estrogen pills and I have her on 
Choline and Ginko tablets from a health food store.  I hear that there
is a substance called Piracetam available in Canada that may help but is 
not available in the states.  Is there a way to get this legally?.
Please don't tell me there is no cure for this horrible disease I know 
that but I want to fight this bastard as long as I can.  Any constructive 
information or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you. Freeman

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