M.S. COOK (Mark) mcook at
Thu Aug 3 15:41:00 EST 1995

Lorna Buchan <lorna at> wrote:
> Is there an FAQ or news group for thyroid problems?
> My friend has had her thyroid removed and now takes a drug called 
> Thyroxin, she still does not feel well,and is looking for advice on any 
> different treatments or methods of dealing with her problem.
> -- Lorna Buchan                    email: lorna at
 Tell your friend to hang in there. Thyroxin supplements work for most people. 
It usually takes a few weeks to feel "normal" again after being hypothyroid. 
It also takes some time to adjust the dosage. The body should not be able
to distinguish between synthetic hormone and natural. 
--M.S. Cook

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