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** > The problems coming from this in aspartame are very serious, especially 
** > so much vision loss and blindness.  Even the Government says they are 
** > going to redo the currency in 1996 because people are having problems 
** > reading it and they think its coming from diabetes.  Well aspartame 
** > triggers diabetes (Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurosurgeon says that in his book
** > EXCITOTOXINS; THE TASTE THAT KILLS) and it triggers blindness.
** The Government isn't changing the currency because of blindness and
** the evils of Nutrasweet, they are changing it because US currency is
** one of the easiest to counterfeit, and the government of Iran in 
** particular is churning out 100 dollar bills by the boatload.  They
** may decide to make it easier to read, but that is certainly not the 
** impetus for the change.

See "Scientific American", Protecting the Greenback, July 1995  ppg 40-46

<snip> "In fact the basic design of U.S. Currency has not changed
significantly since 1928. 
   During the next few months, however, presses at the Bureau of Engraving
and Printing will begin rolling out  currency with a fundamentally new
design. With a larger off center portrait, a matching watermark and other
new elements, the first note in this series, a $100 bill will be issued in
1996. Then, at one-year intervals, the bureau will introduce new $50, $20,
$10, $5 and possibly $1 bills.  Although such a sweeping currency change
in the U.S. is unusual, many countries modify the look of their money.
Canada, Australia France, South Korea and Argentina, to name a few, have
all redesigned their paper notes recently or are now doing so.
   The main purpose of these programs is to make the currency more secure
against counterfeiting-...etc"

   Nowhere does it even allude to the change being because of the
governments concern that "people are having problems reading it".

** Misinformation like this, can only hurt your cause by causing people
** to doubt everything you say.
** -Bruce Templeton
**  brucet at esd.sgi.com

   I agree Bruce.

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