HELP! Arnold-Chiari Malformation

Debbie727 debbie727 at
Thu Aug 3 16:50:28 EST 1995

I do not know what level my son had...but his was life threatning...he had
the surgery to create an opening.  Everything went well, but now 1-1/2 yrs
later he is beginning to suffer the same symptoms.  The cause for his
Chiari Malformation was a spinal shunt he had placed to aide his
hydrocephalas.  He has been over-shunted for 2-3 yrs.  Now, I am affraid
that his tonsils are being pulled further down, thus creating his Chiari
Malformation.  The problem my son faces is...yes he needs a his
hydrocephalas is mild.  They are talking about removing the spinal shunt
and put one back in his head.  

I don't know where to go...another recommendation of his neurosurgeon is
that my son has a thick skull..thus causing his headaches..  His
recommendation was to remove the top of his skull...then shave off a few
cm and re-attach...HELP!

His Chiari Malformation was and is becomming once again a problem where he
stops breathing for short periods.


A Very Concerned Mother

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