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>it in several things.  You may have seen one post that says they no 
>longer can get Diet Orange (Coke).  I haven't checked that out as yet but 
>I would see the reasoning in it since in something  with acid they would 
>have to use much more aspartame, and "they" may be getting many more 

Yet another example of chemical ignorance.  First off, the carbonation in
ALL soft drinks forms an equilibrium concentration of carbonic acid, therefore
all carbonated beverages are acidic.  (In fact, I've heard that in olden
days drinks were carbonated by adding H2CO3 powder, rather than bottling under
CO2 pressure.)

                CO2 + H2O  <===>  H2CO3   (Carbonic Acid)

Secondly, you've heard that oranges contain citric acid!  Wow!  You're SOOOOO
SMART!  Did you ever check the ingredient label of Coke, or Diet Coke?  They
contain Phosphoric Acid, which is a much stronger acid than citric acid.

(Although the relative pH's depend on the concentration of acid, Colas 
even FEEL more acidic when you drink them.  Just like fresh carbonated 
beverages feel more acidic on your throat than flat ones, because they have
more carbonic acid.)

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