Peter Polson ppolson at ix.netcom.com
Fri Aug 4 00:15:37 EST 1995

Hey!, guys and gal:

All of this is starting to get --well--  mind-numbing.

Betty has reams of "documentation" that she believes proves her point. 
Those of us who have encountered pathological science in other arenas
know that perception is reality to such persons.  There is always a
nugget of truth in the arguments that are presented for _The Hazard_
(of the month).  Methanol _is_ hazardous at certain levels.  What are
the levels that even the most ardent consumers of aspartame are exposed
to?  (Wait for the counter arguments about long-term low-level

It seems to me that Betty is gathering information and rebuttals for
her best-seller expose book.  For her, case studies and anecdotes will
win every time over controlled scientific studies.  (Try sci.sceptic
for other examples.)

I'm going to have a martini or two.   I know they are narcotic and
hazardous to my health in excess, affecting brain function, vision,
balance, motor coordination, slurring of speech, disturbed sleep,
visions of pink elephants, etc., but....also enjoyable!  ;-)

--Peter Polson

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