Agatoxin and P-type voltage-sensitive calcium channels

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>>The only selective antagonist I can find is 
>>omega-agatoxin. Unfortunately I cannot find a supplier. Also I understand that the stuff is 
>>ferociously expensive. Can anyone give me the address (street or electronic) of a supplier. Also 
>>does anyone know if it is irreversible or not. Finally, does anyone know of  alternatives to 
>>agatoxin that are selective but cheaper? Any hep would be much appreciated.

>	Doesn't FTX also block P-channels? I believe Alamone labs will sell
>you just about any toxin, but sadly I have no current address. I know they
>sell a calcium channel screening kit.

Alomone Labs address is :
Shatner Center 3, P.O. Box 4287
Jerusalem 91042 Israel
phone : 972-2-528002
fax : 972-2-525233

omega-agatoxin IVA #A-500 is priced (Sept 94) at $150 US for 5
micrograms and $600 US for 5x5 micrograms.  The calcium screening kit
#K-400 cost $470 US and contains :
omega-agatoxin IVA		5 micrograms
calciseptine			0.1 mg
omega-conotoxin GVIA	0.1 mg
omega-conotoxin MVIIC	30 micrograms
nicardipine			10 mg
nifedipine			100 mg
nimodipine			5 mg
PN 200-110			5 mg
TaiCaatoxin			0.1 mg

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