a nutrasweet story with lots of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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>John:  Are you drinking Diet Coke?  It's an accepted fact that wood 
>alcohol makes you go blind!  We're talking about methanol being the cause 
>of blindness.  From: "Fundamental of Chemistry (Bogert) Page 286:  
>"Methyl alcohol or "wood alcohol" taken internally is a dangerous 

......sure wood alcohol makes you go blind....derelicts suffer from this
side effect of drinking methylated spirits all the time.....

 It paralyzes the optic nerves and as little as 10 cc may cause 
 ......in what model??? 10 cc/kg body weight  ???? whAt is the mode of
administration ? intra-ocular perhaps?.......

 Diabetics are going blind!!!!  So are other people.  
>But diabetics use more NutraSweet!  

..... your whole argument is based on how toxic  nutrasweet is at any dose
so to compare diabetics to the rest of us., one truck load more or less
won't make a difference if the toxicosis is "caused" by a

>>From Clinical Research, Vol 36, No. 3, 1988  489 A
>Here are the problems encountered:  "The precipitation of clinical 
>diabetes, poorer diabetic control .. more frequent hypoglycemic 
>reactions,. the simulation or aggravation of diabetic complications, 
>especially retinopathy, cataracats, neuropathy and gastroparesis, 
>aspartame associated convulsions.  (Complications Associated with 
>Now people are discussing the change in currency.  Someone simply 
>showed me a newspaper article that said the government was changing 
>their currency in l996; that there were vision problems believed to be 
>caused by diabetes...
>People using aspartame constantly complain of vision problems. 
.... just associations, no causal link between change of currency &
aspartame.....right a grant app. on it & see if it will hold water......

>And John I was in emergency medicine 

......I wasn't , is this a prerequisite for this discussion?.....
- I worked with diabetics also!
>When methanol converts to formaldehyde and then formic acid it causes 
>metabolic acidosis!  
.....in that case , so would every other alcohol found in food, whether it
be additive or not. the metabolism of most creatures have feedback loops to
counter such events. exercise over prolonged periods causes metabolic
acidosis also....will exercise make me go blind?     
.... lots of thses !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! doesn't make an argument more
compelling , neither does spam..... some good summation & rebuttal does

>And John if you want to fight for this poison so much go right on and 
>drink it. 
... because a person disagrees with your viewpoint, does this mean that
they take up the opposing point???? No, they don't agree with you but they
may not agree with the other point either. This reminds me of the debate -
style of religious fundamentalists & other zealots......

 I'm only here to warn the ones who want to maintain good 
>health without the complication of a chemical poison!    

...most poisons are chemical, it's the dose that is important & if a low
dose will kill you after 90 years of exposure , I think that I can come to
terms with that.... 

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