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Fri Aug 4 22:26:53 EST 1995

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   sbharris at ix.netcom.com (Steven B. Harris ) wrote:

>   Yes, only the dose makes the poison.  <snip> .  Does that mean smaller 
> quantities are bad for you?  

Well, I hate to do this to this aviation forum but I can't refrain from 
posting this remark   :)

I think that according to homeopathy, a given substance increase it's potency 
by diluting it more...  Since the average glass of water contain virtually 
*all* elements and chemical in trace amount, the morning glass of water is the 
ultimate medicine.  Think of it: The more beer you drink, the less drunk you 
become; the more dilute your beer is, the more sh*tfaced you'll get!!!

Great science... they only forgot the law of cause and effect.


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