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Gerry S. Oxford, Ph.D. gsox at
Sat Aug 5 13:30:36 EST 1995

asa3h at (Adam S. Arthur) wrote:


>This horse is dead, and the continued postings aren't doing
>anyone any good or illuminating the subject any more.
>Adam Arthur		    "Pray for the dead and fight like
>University of Virginia	     hell for the living."
>School of Medicine '98	    			-Mother Jones

Double Amen!

*and* all of this trash is wasting Internet bandwidth.  So, my
advice to all of you who would like to see this drivel end ....
ignore and stop replying!  It will die quickly with no responses.

Gerry S. Oxford, Ph.D.
Department of Physiology
University of North Carolina
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good ones had been taken."

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