Psychotherapy and Neurosciences

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Does the future hold a deepening split between the body and the mind?
Will the mental health field be divided between psychotherapy and
biological psychiatry?

The rapid advances in the neurosciences, along with recent changes in
health care systems and the advent of managed care, have resulted in an
increasing emphasis on rapid and sometimes simply conceptualized solutions
to complex emotional and behavioral disorders.

What are the areas of convergence and those of divergence between these
two approaches to mental phenomena and psychopathology? How can the
clinicians of today begin to integrate the theories and practical advances
of each perspective into their clinical work?

Join Menninger San Francisco Bay Area and the San Francisco Psychoanalytic
Institute and Society for a one-day symposium exploring the potential
integration of psychotherapy and the neurosciences on Saturday, November
11, 1995.

"Are We Losing Our Minds In the Decade of the Brain? Integrating
Psychotherapy and the Neurosciences" is fully accredited for continuing
education. Featuring the top specialists in the country: Glen Gabbard,
M.D., Karl Menninger School of Psychiatry and the Menninger Clinic; Otto
Kernberg, M.D., New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center; Robert Michels,
M.D., Cornell University Medical College, Robert Wallerstein, M.D.,
University of California at the San Francisco Medical Center. 

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